Didi Klazinga

Over the years, I have learned to listen to my intuition. Life has unraveled naturally since then.

As a young child, I remember there was no experience of time. Every day was a new blessing, with endless possibilities and enchantment of what was surrounding me. Growing up I experienced more and more suffering and I felt lost in this world. As a teenager I was looking for the meaning of life in books, crystals, tarot and astrology. During a pilgrimage in France I experienced being touched by light without physically being touched. A few glimpses of oneness kept me looking in the years to come. 

Giving birth to three beautiful daughters gave me a new identity and destiny, being a mother. While my daughters were growing up I got intrigued by Human Design and Reiki. Furthermore, I started to learn and discover the sacred energies of the divine feminine and I tried to further unravel the myseries of life through the law of attraction and manifesting my realities.

A few years ago I experienced a forced spiritual awakening, followed by a dark night of the soul. After a period of depression and confusion, I had the first realization of many to come and experienced a kundalini awakening. I have been searching for answers outside of myself, only to find out all the answers are within. Last year I participated in the School of Awakening – Teacher of Presence with Eckhart Tolle. This brought to me an important insight; that I can enjoy all external things, but they are not necessary to awaken or to reach a certain goal.

Every blessing and every obstacle on my path were all pointers to the same thing; to go within and experience my inner world. Everything is already here in this now moment. This journey of life is an ongoing process where constant deepening takes place, there is no beginning and no end. My intuition, combined with many synchronicities led me here. 

The time is now. 

The dream of life

Ultimately there is only one consciousness (source) and everything is part of that whole. In order to experience itself, source split up in different pieces of consciousness, residing in different dimensions and frequencies.

In this dream of life, seen through the lens of time, a piece of consciousness incarnated into the human. The human who has a personality, dreams, passions, stories and memories. The human will always be connected to the dimension the consciousness resided in ‘before’ it incarnated. The human will always be connected to source, oneness, consciousness. The human just has forgotten.  

To be human is beautiful. But to think you are only a person is a perspective of the limited mind. You are so much more. You are spirit, you are light. You are energy, you are love.

You are what sees the person that your mind thinks is you. You are what has always been with you. With you when you first started to walk, with you when you first got hurt, with you when you first experienced heartbreak, with you when you first hit a milestone. 

It is you what observed these experiences without judgement. It is you what was with you unconditionally. That is the real you.

The mind will read this and try to understand it, but it cannot be understood. It is an intuitive knowing, a remembering.  What you really are has always been with you, does not judge anything, it just is. It was with you when you were born and it will be with you when you leave the human body. 

What we are cannot be described with words, although words can be used as pointers. Our true nature could be described as stillness, consciousness, oneness. Remembering this feels amazing and incredible.

However, only aiming to reside in these ‘higher dimensions’ would be spiritually bypassing. Experiencing dimensions, emotions, thoughts is temporary, what we really are is timeless. Our real nature is always connected to stillness, source, oneness. Fully embracing our humanness is the way to play this game called life. And you, the character, can only play this game by accepting its reality.

law of attraction lost in this world manifesting my realities dream of life connected to source

My approach

I make visible what works and what doesn not work and what could be optimized. My style can be provocative and confrontational, because I intuitively sense which blockages stand in the way of growth and change.

Sessions are never the same, because I work from the wisdom of my intuition.

Intuition only exists in the now moment, so during a session it will unfold by itself.