Inner One


Inner One

Most of us have forgotten what we are when we incarnated here. When you awaken, you intuitively start to remember.

Because what you truly are cannot be grasped by the thinking mind. It is when the mind subsides that we are able to remember our true nature. Awakening could be ignited by suffering or an event in your life situation, but it could also happen spontaneously; often it is a gradual process.


We are all consciousness and we stem from the same source. When we incarnated here, our energy connected to the human body we are in. We are consciousness that expresses itself in this human form.

Embracing your humanness fully is the (door)way to experience your true self. This means embracing that we are body, mind and soul (consciousness). Embracing that we live in duality. Embracing the dark and the light. Embracing the lower and higher dimensions. Embracing that we experience thoughts and feelings.

Embracing everything, as if you had chosen it, is the doorway to experience the freedom, the truth and the love that you are.


Awakening to our true nature brings about great freedom. When we allow the light to shine on the patterns, thoughts and beliefs that we identified with since we were young, we start freeing ourselves from identification with the mind.

It becomes visible what kept you stuck and attached to an identity that was never you. What we truly are is always free and not bounded to time or place.

Each now moment is an opportunity to experience our true nature. This journey is ever expanding, we are infinitely growing.  

Awakening to your true nature


Presence, stillness, awareness… Energy, light, love…

Residing in that place of oneness feels as bliss, peace, stillness, true love.


Embracing fully what you are, body, mind and soul (consciousness). 

Accept your reality as if you have chosen it.  


Everything unfolds from this now moment. 

There is no beginning and no end, you are ever evolving. 

presence stillness awareness the mind there is no beginning and no end timeless true love true nature consciousness human form

For freedom, truth and love.