Twin Flames


Meeting your twin flame

One of the ways your spiritual awakening could start off or intensify is by meeting your twin flame. Meeting them ignites a deep intense feeling of love like never felt before, because of the immediate soul recognition. This soul recognition is so powerful that it serves as a catalyst for your spiritual awakening. This forced awakening is the beginning of the breakdown of many layers of conditioning. You start to realize that you are not what you always thought you were; your personality, thoughts, memories, emotions and your mind. What you also may experience is pain in the heart area, because of the opening of your heart chakra.

The twin flame journey often starts romantically and after a certain period of time your twin starts pulling away. You try to reconnect with them and they pull away even further, this is called the running and chasing. You are certain that you should be together, but everything you try (for example healing work, inner child work, the mirror exorcise, tarot cards, cutting cords) does not have any effect, instead your twin flame continues to withdraw. 

Dark night of the soul

The separation that follows throws most in a depression, also called the dark night of the soul. This is not like anything you experienced before and it feels beyond awful.

You think of your twin flame constantly and this obsessive thinking does not seem to stop. You do not seem to care about anything anymore, except being in union ‘with them’ again. 

The true purpose

The purpose of meeting our twin flame is often confused because of the deep feeling of love that is ignited. This causes our mind to think that being with them is the purpose. The mind however is flawed, because it is only able to look externally. From the perspective of the limited mind we are not able to recognize that what we are looking for is within us.

Your twin flame is another incarnation of the consciousness that you are. At the level of the mind, you are polar opposites, which causes the running and the chasing. At the level of the consciousness, they are you. At the level of the consciousness, you are your twin flame. So if you want to attract your twin flame you have to align with what you really are.

The true purpose is to go within and find your self.

Simultaneous incarnation

The love that is ignited ‘by your twin flame’ is within you. The mind can only look externally and therefore it thinks that the intense feeling of love can only be found in being with your twin flame. The mind does not recognize that this love is also within us, because you are your twin flame. You are the love you feel with the other person. 

At the level of the mind you are opposites. This causes attraction and repulsion. You don’t have the same personality, experiences and memories. You do not have the same body, but you are the same consciousness. You are consciousness in the form of a person. And your twin flame is the same consciousness in the form of another person. At the level of what you really are (soul, consciousness, pure love) you are one. They are a simultaneous incarnation of your consciousness.

Connection with your twin flame

Twin flames cannot be ‘in a relationship’ together when the relationship is based in duality. This is why healing, cutting cords, doing mantras and any other thing at the metaphysical level do not work with your twin flame. Twin flames are the same consciousness. You are always ’together’ at the level of the consciousness, because you are one. Therefore, technically there is no connection, because you are your twin flame. You are always together (union).

When you align with your true self you will experience this. As long as the alignment with your self has the priority, the ‘connection’ in the emotional, metaphysical and physical realm will unfold naturally and you can be physically together with your twin flame. Being ’together’ feels like zen, inner peace, true love, unity.

The journey is about you


Recognize that the person you think you are, is merely a creation of the limited mind. 

Recognize the thoughts and feelings that come and go and recognize that you are what sees them.


Detach from the beliefs and thought patterns that keep you stuck in identification with the egoic mind.  

Detach from expectations and outcomes.

True love

What you are looking for always has been (with) you.

True love comes from within.

Align with your self and you will experience true love.


separation union simultaneous incarnation soul recognition the other you true purpose twin flame twin flames

The other you

Ultimately there is only one consciousness and everything is part of that whole. In order to experience itself, consciousness split up in different pieces of consciousness and resided in different dimensions, from where it incarnated into the human form.

Your twin flame is a simultaneous incarnation of your consciousness. The purpose of the connection is to align with your self. You get triggered in order to deepen the alignment with your self. Your twin flame, or ’the other you’, will react to this.